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Dressing Guide


Just a few tips to help you look your best in your Highland Outfit


The kilt should come to the centre to top of your knees and sit well up on your natural waist. When fastening the waist if the tartan pulls you will have it too tight, let it rest on your hips. Pleats should be at the back of the kilt.
Gents kilts close right apron to left with buckle through the hole and fastened to the left buckle. Then left apron to the right fastened the waist and hips buckles. Fringed edge and kilt pint to the right.


The Sporran should be centred to the front of the kilt, 3 fingers below the waist coat, be careful that it doesn’t hang too low. The strap fastening to the rear and resting on your hips.


Kilt hose should be 2 to 3 fingers below the knee cap.


Flashes should be worn on the outside of the leg, bringing the stock turnover down to cover half the double loop of the flash.

Skean Dhu

The Skean Dhu (black knife) is normally worn down the right sock, although strictly speaking a left-handed person could wear his down the left side. Only the top inch should show above the sock.

Ghille Brogues

When wearing Ghillie Brogues, cross the laces, pull them tight in a simple knot. Twist three times and pull tight again to create a vertical thong. Pass laces around the back of the ankle and bring both laces to the front and tie in normal bow. Remaining laces and toggles should hang to the front.


Whilst in days gone by underwear may have been alien to Highlander, wearing as he did an oversized skirt more akin to a night-shirt today. Frowned upon in the armed service, fortunately today for both sanitary and comfort considerations we do recommend that you do wear something under your Kilt. Especially if you are to be sitting for sometime on all the scratchy wool!


The carrier is for convenience only.
Please hang up your kilt and jacket at all times so that they will not crease.

Please return your hire outfit in the same good condition as when collected
Have a wonderful time.